The event horizon – Nicolas Serve

“In both special relativity and general relativity, the event horizon is the eventual boundary of the region that can be influenced in the future by an observer located in a given place at a given time. […] In the case of a black hole, in particular, the event horizon can be defined as a surrounding surface from which no object, not even a ray of light, can ever escape the gravitational field.”

Larousse Encyclopedia.

I first saw my event horizon in the infinite spaces of the Great Plains in America during relentless tornado chases, overwhelmed by the spectacle of these murderous winds. 

The Horizon of our events, I perceived it by surveying the smoldering infernos of vast Mediterranean landscapes prey to the bite of fire. 

The Horizon of events, I finally found it at the bottom of a lake dried up by the hand of Man. It manifested itself in the form of an amnesiac memory caused by betrayal, abandonment and intrusion, in an inscrutable well from which no light would ever escape.

The primary aim of this series of images was to convey the urgency of an out-of-control climatic situation in a factual, documentary and documented narrative. It was only after I had to interrupt my career as a journalist to treat my various addictions that I took hold of this corpus, which I believed to be unfinished, to make it say what it was silently screaming out. At the end of summer 2017, I wasn’t out photographing the consequences of catastrophic global change as a mere observer, but seeking to give body and reality to this inner chaos, this anger that has inhabited me since my childhood. 

The three images presented here are an introduction to a work on the violence that our species undergoes and makes itself undergo, in a common destiny where the intimate influences the collective and vice versa.